Sarah’s Story


Meet Sarah Sachen, Area Director of Sales serving South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Starting out with Aseracare as Bereavement Coordinator in 2009, she found that helping patients at the end of life, and their families, became a calling and passion she did not expect. Sarah has a unique story and a deep, personal connection to the mission of hospice care:

“When I started with AseraCare, almost a decade ago, I had no idea the path I was about to take would shape who I am today and my outlook on life. This company has provided me with an amazing professional experience. They saw I had the passion, skill, and desire to grow with the company. Each step of the way they acknowledged my hard work and continued to help mold and teach me. I could not ask for a better place to work. They lead with their heart and soul. It is a business, but it is a business serving people and families with excellence. The end of life transition is so important and needs to be a peaceful one for all.

My journey has been challenging. I lost my husband unexpectedly in March of 2016. We were married for twenty years, and he was the love of my life. We were high school sweethearts. In his absence, I was left as a single mother to our two teenage boys. Our sons are wonderful young men, but our journey is not an easy one. We were a close family and did everything together. My sons miss their dad very much and I miss my husband. During this difficult time, my team stepped up and became an extension of my family. My peers flew in from all over the country for the funeral and continued to support me every step of the way. I would have never imagined that I, someone who counseled widows for so many years, would become one myself at forty. My AseraCare family gave me everything I needed during this time and still do to this day. Because of their unwavering support and my personal experience dealing with grief, I prevailed and continue to move forward making moments matter for the amazing families we serve.”

Today Sarah has more passion and drive than ever; working to serve patients and her team with the same level of care and support she was shown. Pictured is Sarah Sachen and her two sons.

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