in sickness and in health


For most, Valentine’s Day is spent enjoying a romantic meal or on an outing with a loved one.

For those who’ve embarked on their hospice journey, this can be a sad time because they’re sometimes unable to spend this special holiday the way they intended. When our Evansville, Indiana team learned this was the case for two of their patients, they worked together to create a day full of heartfelt memories. 

The couple’s care team collaborated to provide them with a meal from their favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse. The couple both wanted to look their best for their sweetheart, so the team assisted with their personal care, providing a new hairdo and manicure for her, and a fresh shave for him. The group also helped to decorate their room and offer a private concert for the couple. They were presented with a bouquet of flowers, along with their meal, and dessert.

The lovebirds presented each other with their own special gifts as a team member serenaded them. It was such a touching event and a true celebration of Love. The couple expressed their overwhelming gratitude for making this Valentine’s Day one they’ll never forget!.

Thank you to our amazing Evansville, Indiana team for making this couple’s day so incredibly special. 




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