A Tribute to Hospice

“Special Friends” 


It’s the good you do each passing day 

With hearts sincere and true 

For it’s giving other your very best 

That makes life worthwhile to you.  


It’s the burdens you help others bear 

A consoling touch for the ones in despair 

A word of cheer and humor to the living now 

A smile you bring to a careworn brow.  


You gently whisper 

Consoling word with hearts so true 

To a wife or family 

Who are uncertain what to do. 


You soothe the ache of human pain. 

Patiently serving under stress and strain 

Smiling with love while doing a kindly deed 

Day after day to the ones in need. 


One yesterdays are gone 

Time has taken them away 

And tomorrow may not be 

But there is our today. 


Blessed are you who ease the days 

At the end of life’s journey in loving ways 

As loved ones approach the Heavenly Throne 

You are by their side – they are not alone. 


As their life’s final chapter comes to an end 

You truly have been very SPECIAL FRIENDS.  


With great appreciation for your loving care and kindness,  

-Family of Rusty Ingram, Written by Glorial Ingram