Blessing for Calm Among Us

Blessed be the nurses among us; may your actions bring comfort, relief, and a tangible sense of calm that exceeds even your own anxieties.

Blessed be the doctors among us; may your decisions bring insight, awareness, and a tangible sense of confidence that exceeds even your own.

Blessed be the aides among us; may your presence bring humanity, divinity, and a tangible sense of companionship to even the loneliest among us.

Blessed be the social workers among us; may your outreach bring compassion, answers, and reassurance that may seem out of reach right now.

Blessed be the spiritual care providers among us; may your efforts bring inspiration, hope, and meaning to even the most desperate among us.

Blessed be the volunteers among us; may your commitment bring us perspective, wisdom, and connection that will model our way out of this.

Blessed be those tending to the businesses among us; may your knowledge bring us stability, sustainability, and growth as we weather uncertainty.

Blessed be the leaders among us; may your vision, resilience, and direction empower us with a calming glimpse into the best that is yet to come.

Blessed be the neighbors among us; may we remember that we all have a tangible part to play; and regardless of proximity, may we truly remain among us.

Blessed are you who calmly play your part, however confidently or feebly it may feel.

May it be precisely what is needed. May it calmly bless others.