Dancing into Heaven

Hospice rallies around everyone no matter where they are in the journey. It’s about learning what is important to the patient and how to ease the transition. Even a patient with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from hospice care.

Angie Hollis,Vice President of Clinical Operations for AseraCare, tells this story.

“Louise was an Alzheimer’s patient. She had been a USO dancer in her youth — her passion in life had been dancing and she still loved swing and bigband. Because she was unmarried, her family had shunned her. She was 92 when she entered hospice. Her nephew was an AIDS patient and had been totally estranged by the entire family except for her. So there were these two people on an exile journey. He took her out of the nursing home and brought her to his home for her final days. “

She was quite comfortable, with no pain. We helped her nephew make a special, sacred place for her in his home. But she wanted and needed to dance. He put in a surround-sound system and we played big-band music. The whole care team would dance with her when they visited, and although she was in bed, her little toes would just start going along with the music. She was able to leave us in the best way possible — she danced into heaven.”