The world has always had it’s fearful and fear-filled details in the story of humanity. There is not a generation that goes by that does not have its war stories, natural disasters, economic crisis, and personal losses along the way.

While living in Florida we had the eye of a hurricane go over our property. We stood in the eye of that storm and enjoyed sunshine, cozy warmth, stillness and serene calmness as we gazed up into the broad beautiful heavens above. Absolutely amazing and hard to grasp and put into words how still the air was and peaceful and calm we felt in the eye of the storm. In front of our eyes, we watched the mayhem of the wind rip and twist trees into moving as if they were Gumby toys turned into weaponized slingshots of branches shooting like arrows swirling around. The contrast was a dichotomy of hunker down for survival and the indescribable peace and beauty in the eye of that hurricane in the center of the eye.

If we are honest with ourselves every day is a gift of life. And even in ordinary times the day offers us the tugs and pulls to angst over something fearfully or admire and enjoy the moments and minutes of our routines. We are often so cavalier to this truth that we take this normality for granted. Until….

This Pandemic is historical.

It will become a defining moment in our American fabric and the broader world.  Well over a decade of end of life work has had its march of stories parading through my mind and leaves hugs on my heart for those who taught me that death and life hold hands with each other and both are to be respected. I am grateful for the lessons in those sacred stories.

Everyone faces the emotion of fear in any given circumstance. Every faith tradition has a myriad of sacred scripture verses reminding the faithful and faith-filled to be not afraid, be of courage and fear not. Generals and leaders have rallied people to be calm and carry on, take heart, be brave, show up, fight the good fight, and never give up.

We who serve others in this end of life work have the heart, courage, and disposition to look into the eye of this time and see the beauty of resilience, dignity given in death, care given to those that are grieving, long hours of adjusting to fighting this circumstance with grace, determination, and be fearless as we hold others fears for them with our calmness.

That is what we do at AseraCare Hospice for our patients, support to families, care of our colleagues, partner facilities, and administrative staff as professional healthcare specialists at end of life. We did this before this historical Covid-19 came to our shores and lives. And we will do this still when we return to the ordinary days of routine visits, face to face meetings, charity events with our facility partners, Funerals, Butterfly Memorials, prayers and communions given, emotional and spiritual support, and physical hugs offered to the grieving.

When we face our ordinary days again, let us remember how extraordinary it is to provide the daily care we give in hospice to those we serve with dignity in ordinary times. And in these extraordinary days when the whole world is looking at death’s storm through fear let us use our ordinary rhythm of skills and talents and care despite the extraordinary circumstances of this historical timeline with courage, hope, honor, and love for our fellow human beings.

Be fearless and help someone else let go of fear.