“I would like to thank AseraCare Hospice for the care that my Dad received. I was aware of how difficult things would become as his COPD, heart failure and kidney disease progressed.  I was made aware of the importance of keeping him comfortably by the Physician’s Assistant, but I was concerned about how I was going to be able to provide that care and comfort to my Dad with us living miles apart.

When I was completing the admission forms the administrator at the nursing home asked if I would be interested in hospice for my Dad. I didn’t know much about hospice but felt it may be another tool for me in providing the care I wished for him.

I met with the RN for AseraCare Hospice and she answered all the questions I had and I realized that this was the added care and comfort I was seeking for my Dad. At the point, I signed the forms I knew my Dad was very ill but did not grasp the seriousness of the condition.

As his illness progressed it was the nurse’s comforting presence and expertise that reassured me on the phone and in person. I was able to see her caring manner with my Dad.  The aide, the volunteer and the chaplin were able to not only provide my dad with an added comfort but to give my family and me peace of mind that we were doing everything we could for my dad.

As family members we realize that death is an enviable fact of life but we tend to keep that information tucked away in our hearts and minds not wishing to discuss it or face it.  It is with the Hospice workers help, understanding, caring and support that made it easier for me and my family to understand the best way to give the care to my Dad during his last days.

My Dad’s last days were difficult due to the COPD and without the medications that were provided to him, it would have been unbearable for him.  We witnessed it time and time again during his last days, the comfort provided him. He was able to relax, breathe easier, and sleep.

As I reflect on my Dad’s last days, I realize how very grateful I am for the care he had provided.  I shudder to think of how much more difficult those days would have been for him without the services that were given to him by AseraCare.”

– Daughter of an AseraCare patient