Our goal is to help our patients and their families have peace of mind by providing unparalleled care. As the CDC continues to recommend that hospice providers conduct in person visits, we are adjusting to accommodate our facility partners per their policy.


Via a secure telecommunications platform, AseraCare’s interdisciplinary team is available around the clock to provide visit needs to the patients and families we serve. This feature is easily accessible from a link; no app required. This method does, by regulation, require a RN or LPN from the facility to help with required visits.

Symptom Management

We have expertise in managing symptoms, commonly experienced near the end of life, and we personalize our care to meet the needs of each family. Our staff will continue to adhere to established screening protocols in an effort to minimize the risk of infection spread through each patient encounter. We place particular focus on the effort to help our patients have the best quality of life possible as their disease progresses.


Many are experiencing stress and new demands at work and home. This new normal is changing by the day. AseraCare has been proactive in developing education, guidance, and intensive training for our staff working in and out of the field to protect our patients, partners, and staff.

Emotional Support

Our emotional support professionals are here to provide emotional support for patients, families, and even our partners. From live prayers in the parking lot, to facilitating video visits, we are here to help. Our Spiritual Care, Social Work, and Bereavement professionals can help each family understand, prepare for, and support one another through the illness and death of a loved one.

Immunocompromised Patients

Our goal is to reduce rehospitalization of already immunocompromised end-of-life individuals and do our part to help avoid overburdening the system. We can help care for high-risk patients who are no longer seeking curative care. By receiving hospice care at home, eligible patients can potentially reduce their exposure to potential illness while they enjoy time at home with loved ones.

COVID-19 Care

We are trained and prepared to provide care should you refer a hospice-eligible patient who has COVID-19. Our care teams continue to be screened daily prior to all visits and will continue to be screened until further guidance from the CDC is provided.

24/7 Availability 

Our nurses are expected to have the most up-to-date training to enhance their ability to help patients be as comfortable and pain-free as possible under the circumstances and cared for with compassion. With our registered nurses available 24/7, families can feel at ease knowing they are only one call away from speaking with a trained nurse, no matter the time of day.

Timely Referrals

Our centralized team of Intake Specialists receive and respond to referrals through a quick and easy process, which takes 12 minutes on average. This supports AseraCare’s philosophy of admitting patients needing hospice services within hours, not days.

For more information call us today at 1-888-868-1957 or visit our referrals page.