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We began these events in 2013 after adopting the butterfly as an AseraCare symbol of hope and transition. The ceremonies are a  way to recognize and help families of patients with their grieving process. Each event brings together friends, family, and community members to learn about former patients and honor their legacy with the release of butterflies.

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We hold these events during the summer at AseraCare Hospice agencies all across the country. Each celebration is unique to its location and the people it honors.

Why the butterfly?

The butterfly is a symbol of hope and a visual metaphor for anyone who has come in contact with hospice care as a patient, family member, volunteer, or care provider.

In Greek, the word for “butterfly” and “soul” are one and the same. We believe there is wisdom in that linguistic choice. Butterfly encounters are frequently mentioned after the loss of a loved one. Whether butterflies appear in meaningful places or at significant times, they bring a feeling of contentedness and peace. We believe the butterfly represents lasting connection and enduring love.

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