gift of life Fulfilling final wishes

We encourage each patient to dream up a special moment, outing, or meeting they would like to have. For some it’s having that perfect cherry pie, for others it’s one last trip to the lake. The Gift of Life program is our commitment to making this moment happen for our patients. It is designed to create happy memories for our patients and their loved ones.

Gift of Life Events

  • Going on a final finishing trip
  • Attending a concert, sporting event, or family function
  • Meeting a hero
  • Building bridges with estranged loved ones
  • Experiencing seemingly simple joys like a nice dinner or shopping trip

Gift of Life Partners

  • The Dreamweaver Foundation
  • Dream Foundation
  • Front Row Foundation
  • Second Wind Dreams

If your organization is interested in partnering with us to grant final wishes to hospice patients please email us at

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