Families Say ‘Thank You’

Families whose loved ones have passed away in hospice often find the need to say “thank you” for the care and loving environment provided their loved ones in their last days. Here are some special notes, with the names of patients and families removed for privacy, that express the gratitude of families for the support of hospice staff.

Thank you for the care and respect you gave to our mom/wife. It’s very hard for a person dying to keep dignity, but all of you let her have that. Thank you for being there at the last, for doing what you could. You are wonderful people.


We will always remember your services in a kind and caring way. A special “thank you” [to the staff], they were wonderful. I was so far from home and family these last months and they helped me so much — much like family would.


Many, many thanks for the wonderful care you have given my husband. People may hear about hospice, but they don’t really know how wonderful you are. You are God’s “chosen,” and I will always carry your memory in my heart. Our love and best regards to all of the nurses that came out to help him. We will miss them.


Thank you so much for the attention and comfort all of you gave to [my father] and to his family, both in the weeks preceding and on the day of his passing. Though I cannot say our lives have returned to normal, we are resuming our schedule as much as possible. A service celebrating his life was held, giving the family from out of town the time to attend.


Please pass on our special appreciation to [staff members] who were kind, patient, attentive, cheerful and gentle, and who came promptly at crazy hours and offered physical and emotional comfort. A thanks to [the spiritual care coordinator], who was a wonderful listener and offered quiet reassurance and comfort.


You are all to be commended. We could not have managed the difficult times without you.


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all of you. I know how well you cared for Dad and your concern for his comfort.


Thank you for making his final months so comfortable and I know I wouldn’t have made that journey as easy as I did without all of you, whether it was just being there on a bad day or listening to his funny stories. Again, thank you so much.

Words are difficult to find to express the gratitude our family has for your unique organization. All of you truly tended to our family with gracious concern I will always remember.


Thank you so much for the food you brought to our home for our mother’s memorial. Thank you all for such a great job you did taking such great care of her.

I want to thank you for your help, kindness and support while Granny was in the [nursing home]. It was such a hard time for me to deal with and you helped me get through it. Thank you for your support when it came to the end. It meant so much.


I wish you well in the future. You’re certainly in the right profession.


Our family wants to let you know what a wonderful job you did in caring for my mother. You were so very caring in her needs and in keeping us informed of what was happening. You made her passing peaceful and painless and our acceptance much easier to bear. Thank you so very, very much for your kindness and compassion.


I could never express in words the gratitude I have for the compassionate care provided to my aunt in her final days. Thank you immensely for all of your support.