Special Talents

You do not need a special talent to be able to become a hospice volunteer. However, we can creatively incorporate the services or groups that you may be a part of. Whether you are a lawyer, beautician or massage therapist, or if you are involved in Girl Scouts, fraternities or Sunday school classes, we have a place for you.

Harmony of Hearts

Music is an important part of any hospice program. It can bring back fond memories, provide a release of stress and consume time that a patient might otherwise spend alone. The music ministry program at AseraCare Hospice is known as Harmony of Hearts. These volunteers sing and play musical instruments, such as the guitar, violin and autoharp. They typically join in groups of two or three to visit patients and bring them the gift of music.

Our Harmony of Hearts group seeks people who can sing or play an instrument, and are interested in providing joy to our patients through music. If you have musical talent and would like to volunteer, please contact us. No formal musical training is necessary.

Becoming a Volunteer

We are glad that you are interested in joining our team of volunteers. Your first step is to call us at the phone number on the back of this brochure or to fill out the attached form and mail it to our address.

Volunteers may choose their hours of support based on their personal schedules. Any time spent with a patient and his or her family contributes to their quality of life and provides much needed support.

Our Volunteers

Individuals that volunteer for AseraCare Hospice possess very special qualities. They are compassionate, empathetic, selfless, open-minded, dependable and always provide a listening ear. Volunteers help to support and provide relief to patients and their families that are going through crisis.

Volunteer Training

All AseraCare Hospice volunteers, whether you are assisting in the office or providing patient support, are required to undergo training. It is important for volunteers to be informed on how to meet the needs of patients and their families who are experiencing life-limiting illness. Each person must also pass a criminal background check, as well as drug and tuberculosis testing, all paid for by AseraCare Hospice.

AseraCare Hospice volunteers enhance quality of life and reduce the burden of caregiving by providing different types of support to patients and their families. Some volunteer programs include pet therapy, massage therapy and our Harmony of Hearts vocal group.

If you are a surviving family member, we encourage you to wait a minimum of one year following the patient’s death to serve as a direct care volunteer or in public relations activities.

Visit our volunteer page to learn more or sign up!