The Interdisciplinary Hospice Care Team

The AseraCare Hospice team includes nurses, hospice aides, volunteers, spiritual coordinators, and social workers. All hospice care and services furnished to patients and their families must follow an individualized written plan of care established by the hospice interdisciplinary group in collaboration with the attending physician, the patient or representative, and the primary caregiver in accordance with the patient’s needs, if any of them so desire.

This team meets routinely to discuss the services needed and the frequency required, including pain and symptom management, counseling, coordination of equipment and supplies, and appropriate therapies. The outcome of the team meetings is then communicated to a patient’s attending physician.

AseraCare’s professional staff includes the following team members:

Medical Director

The medical director works with our hospice team to ensure the care received is the best for you. We encourage you to retain your attending physician during the time you receive hospice care.


This person is directly responsible for your care. The RN/case manager coordinates all aspects of your care — including ordering of supplies and equipment, helping to adjust your medicines through the direction of the physician and addressing physical needs. The nurse communicates frequently to keep your doctor aware of your condition and needs.

Social Worker

A social worker is an experienced counselor who will help to create an open discussion between patients and their families during this difficult time in their lives. Social workers can talk to you about economic, psychological, bereavement or emotional concerns you may have.

Bereavement Coordinator

A bereavement coordinator is an experienced professional who is available to patients, families and facility staff to assist with anticipatory and after death grief. There are often many feelings surrounding the death of a loved one. Some people experience the confusion, sadness, anger and pain. The bereavement coordinator assists in educating the individual on how to identify and process these feelings. Everyone grieves differently and there are various ways in which a person can find a place of understanding and peace. The bereavement coordinator is available to listen, talk and share resources to assist each person in finding their place of healing and acceptance. He or she may also provide memorial services. Bereavement support is provided for 13 months following the death of the patient.

Spiritual Coordinator

Although hospice does not promote or advocate any particular religion, our spiritual coordinator is available to help you meet your spiritual needs. The spiritual coordinator may visit you in your home-including the nursing facility-to provide spiritual counseling and assist you or your family in connecting with the spiritual support of your choice. He or she may also provide assistance to families in planning funeral or memorial services, and may provide bereavement support for 13 months.

Hospice Aide

Under the direction of the registered nurse, the hospice aide will attend to personal care needs such as helping with baths, changing bed linens, helping with personal hygiene and assisting with light housekeeping.


Volunteers are very special people. They give freely of their time to help make the stresses and strains of your situation easier. All volunteers participate in a training program that assists them in understanding some of the problems and feelings you may experience. The services provided by the volunteer include visitation, socialization and active listening. AseraCare believes that through compassionate support and the promotion of a caring environment, patients and families may be able to attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death that is satisfactory to them. Our volunteers help to make this goal a reality. If you are a surviving family member, we encourage you to wait a minimum of one year following the patient’s death to serve as a direct care volunteer or in public relations activities.

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