“I don’t know what we would have ever done without Asera Care for our mother, Pauline. Rebecca would come to sit with mother and read the Bible and do hymns with her, mom loved singing hymns. She would light up when she knew Rebecca was coming. Kim took such great care of mom’s medical situation. She would check her out in such a kind way. If she had any aches or pains Kim would check her and explain why she had it and how to fix it. If Kim had questions, she would call the doctor while she was there and get answers. Mom’s medicine was there when needed refills or changed the next day. Grace was mom’s side and from the time she walked into mom’s bedroom, they were instant friends. They would laugh and tease each other all the time. If mom was having a bad day there would be a smile on her face as soon as Grace came to visit. I never met such a caring person and a kind person. She met mom’s 4 daughters and 4 sisters got to know each of us and we are still friends. Without all the people from AseraCare, mom may not have been able to stay in her home until the end. Our family loved and appreciated the care mom had. They were a Godsend.”

-Joyce Smith, Daughter of An AseraCare Altoona patient