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There are many things to consider when comforting a terminally ill loved one. Cost should not become a burden that limits your family from a peaceful and graceful end-of-life experience.

AseraCare Hospice helps you navigate coverage. Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, and most private insurance companies have a hospice benefit when care comes as a result of a previously diagnosed terminal illness. These benefits often include managing the symptoms, pain management, and the maintenance of daily activities and functional abilities.

Hospice Services typically provided under the hospice benefit include:

  • Hospice team of professionals that includes a hospice doctor, nurses, hospice aides, social worker, spiritual care coordinator, bereavement coordinator, and volunteers
  • Medications needed for pain and symptom management related to the terminal diagnoses
  • 13-month bereavement care for family
  • Medical equipment needed to promote comfort and help maintain activities of daily living such as:

                             Hospital bed

                             Mobility aides – like walkers and wheelchairs


                             Shower/bath chairs

                             Bedside commodes

                             Incontinence supplies

                             Other supplies – like dressings

Medicaid hospice benefits


Medicare hospice benefits


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